We offer deals on Apetamin Syrup, and Apetamin Pills. We also offer SAMPLES if you want to try the product before buying it for full price. We Also offer Bundle deals to purchase both products at a cheap discount.


1 bottle of syrup will last you approximately 7 days and you'll gain 3 -5 pounds.


1 pack of pills will last you 10 days and you will gain 5 - 8 pounds.


The bundle deal consists of 1 bottle of Syrup and 1 pack of pills which will last you 17 days and you'll gain about 10 - 12 pounds.


The Sample Pack is 10 PILLS. It's a full pack of pills cut in half. this gives you the opportunity to test the product out without buying the full thing. 


Each order is sent with a card that has instructions on how to use it.


PriceFrom $15.00